Hong Kong: EDB opposes class boycott

The Education Bureau today said it strongly opposes the class boycott and teachers' strike initiated by an educational body.

The bureau said in a statement that schools should not be used for expressing political aspirations as that would affect normal school operations and drag underaged students into political turbulence at the expense of their learning opportunities.

The bureau thanked school heads and teachers for their commitment to work and urged them to continue to protect students and serve with professionalism.

Also, it is concerned the serious traffic disruption in Wan Chai and Central & Western Districts may affect students going to school tomorrow.

It urged schools to continue to adopt contingency measures under school-based mechanisms and exercise flexibility in handling individual students' lateness or absence.

The bureau said it respects the rights of people, including teachers and students, to express views on social issues peacefully and lawfully.

It called on students to put personal safety above everything else, stay away from dangerous places, particularly the areas near the Central Government Offices and the Legislative Council Complex, and avoid taking part in riots or unlawful activities.

The bureau added it is closely monitoring the situation and will make special announcements when necessary.

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