Hong Kong: Airport a no drone zone

The Civil Aviation Department today reminded the public not to operate unmanned aircraft systems or shine laser lights in the Hong Kong International Airport vicinity.

The department noted there are online posts expressing views about operating drones and exhibiting laser lights in areas surrounding the airport on September 1.

It said such acts contravene the law and jeopardise aviation safety.

The department pointed out that unmanned aircraft systems are classified as aircraft and are governed by civil aviation legislation.

The Air Navigation (Hong Kong) Order 1995 stipulates that a person who recklessly or negligently causes an aircraft, including an unmanned aircraft system or a model plane, to endanger any person or property is liable to prosecution, and upon conviction, to a fine and two years’ imprisonment.

The Airport Authority Bylaw also states that no person shall, within the Bylaw Area, fly a model plane, including unmanned aircraft systems. If convicted, offenders could face the maximum penalty of a $50,000 fine and six months in jail.

The department asserted that shining laser lights at aircraft in flight also poses serious hazard to aviation safety. According to the law, exhibiting light, including laser light that endangers aircraft, is an offence. Upon conviction, offenders are liable to a fine.

Stressing that aviation safety is crucial to the public and passengers, the department said the Airport Authority will closely monitor the situation and take appropriate measures and actions to ensure aviation safety.

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