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Interested in what the stars have to tell you? Let award-winning astrologer Deborah Fenlon-Browning tell you this week's highlights. 7thSpace has teamed up with AstrologySource to bring you our weekly horoscopes. Since 1996 AstrologySource has been delivering professional services to thousands of internet users.

Your weekly horoscope for the week

This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to express your emotions, creatively. Let your feelings be known, write a love letter or call someone to say how much you care. You are not likely to win a debate and would be best off sticking to what you know best, feelings of the heart. Utilize your energy wisely, avoid confrontations with co-workers, as your reputation may be at stake. Travel will lead to excitement and adventure. Take a trip that brings you knowledge or get busy on some of those ideas you've had for small-business ventures. Don't let others hold you back. Partners may be unpredictable. It is best to avoid anything that could lead to major changes in your personal life.


This week's scenario is highlighted by your intense energetic nature. You shouldn't try to deal with officials or superiors early in the week. Your spirit will certainly capture the hearts of those you meet. Don't allow others to put additional responsibilities on your plate. Put your ideas to good use. You may want to make residential changes or look into property investments as the week progresses. Start renovation projects. You can expect to experience disruptions in your personal life and living quarters. Be prepared to compromise and to lend a helping hand to those less capable of getting things done.


This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to channel your energy wisely. Physical activities will lead to greater self-esteem. Try to spend some time with someone who makes you feel important. Let your own feelings for them be known. You'll be able to make commitments or sign contracts. New opportunities will surface. You will have to work hard to accomplish anything but rewards will be yours if you put your heart and soul into the project you are involved in. You will have the discipline and the desire to work hard in your chosen field. You can get recognition for your efforts if you present your work to superiors with confidence. Problems with co-workers and employers may be alarming. Try to keep the situation in perspective. Consider that the occurrences may be an indication that you should move on to better things.


This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to do the things you enjoy most. Check into creative endeavors that you may want to develop. You may find those around you demanding, don't let moody family members get you down. Avoid being obsessive as problems will result. You may be a bit tired of the nagging and criticisms you have been putting up with. Take a look at yourself. If the complaints are justified, get busy making personal changes. Problems are looming regarding youngsters. Children may limit you, and financial losses will cause stress. Take precautions if you wish to avoid the consequences. The time for new experiences is now. You should be getting out with friends.


This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to satisfy your emotional and physical needs. You may find it difficult to control your emotions if you don't keep yourself busy. Don't take everything you're told, literally. You may be receiving false information. Try to compromise and be more compassionate towards others. If you still want to make changes, start with your living arrangements. You may be in the mood for a good fight, try very hard to channel your energy into more progressive areas such as making positive changes to yourself or your surroundings. Lasting relationships will unfold if you are willing to take the time to get to know your new acquaintances. Other people may try to stand in your way. Don't be a follower. Use your know-how to get things accomplished. You may not please everyone, but that's to be expected.


This week's scenario is highlighted by unexpected rewards for your unselfish actions. Get out and have fun, opportunities to meet someone new will evolve when you least expect it. You must concentrate on your goals and not on other people's problems. Take care of any health problem that arises, no matter how small. Look into travel opportunities. You will be in the mood to learn. It will be difficult to finish educational pursuits at this time, and it's certainly the wrong time to begin new courses. Take a look at your own philosophy rather than what others believe. Be sure you pick up reading material that will provide the information to complete jobs that you've been contemplating. Work hard in order to finish jobs that have been left undone.


This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to get past the outer wrappings. If you aren't getting ahead you should consider what your options are. You may find it difficult to talk to your partner if you have been experiencing a change of heart. This will be a make-or-break period in your relationship. Partners may want more than you can give. Don't make promises or commitments that you know you can't live up to. Accept changes in your home. Stay calm and look deeply. Take a few steps back from your personal situation and re-evaluate your position and direction. Investments made recently will appear to be prosperous. You may find yourself upset with colleagues or your boss, keep your cool and let it pass. You should be more intent on making yourself look good, not on making others looking bad.


This week's scenario is highlighted by your financial & professional outlook. You can certainly make money this week but you can also let it slip through your fingers. You can count on opposition from relatives who have never favored your actions. Visit friends or become involved in projects that will allow you to meet new friends or lovers. You will have to be careful that someone doesn't interfere with your career goals. You'll be able to ask for favors and rely on others to help you reach your goals. Frustration will result if you aren't prepared to let situations unfold at their own pace. Work on home improvement projects, keep your thoughts to yourself and concentrate on obtaining your own objectives.


This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to cover all of your bases. If you neglect your duties, you know you'll hear about it. Investments may not be as lucrative as they appeared to be. Don't overspend on others, it's a good time to hold on to your cash. A vacation or just a change of pace will do you a world of good. Complete creative projects, if you need help, ask a close friend for their help. Don't take on unreasonable financial obligations. It is best to work on yourself and your own surroundings. You must make yourself happy before you can make others content. Take care of any minor health problems. You will have a tendency to get run-down. You can do well if you deal with institutions. Financial gains can be made through more conservative investments.


This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to open your eyes to new beginnings and be ready to move with the times. Don't allow your personal life to hold you back. Attending talks and lectures will be enlightening, satisfying and lead to lasting connections. You'll be appreciated for your thoughts and ideas even if others do disagree with you. Take time to make changes. You may be eager to disagree with your boss. Hold your tongue and think twice before you say something that may cost you greatly. Patience will be the key. Don't hold back, say what you think, but keep your cool. Your ability to get your point across will be appreciated even if others are not in total agreement with you. You mustn't look at changes as being negative. Try the positive approach.


This week's scenario is highlighted by an emotional and spiritual awakening. You will have trouble controlling your emotions if you let other's criticism get to you. You may find yourself in a difficult situation at work. Opportunities are obvious. You will be able to make professional changes, if you don't allow others to stand in your way. Rely on yourself. Try not to take sides and you may be in a better position. Get your work completed early in the week and you will find that praise will follow. You can make professional moves that could lead to higher income and more responsibilities. Concentrate on your financial position, be sure to make special romantic plans for two on the week-end.


This week's scenario is highlighted by a good time to get out and visit friends. Your involvement in group situations will be very rewarding. Don't waste time, get yourself in gear and do as much as possible. Try to be positive when dealing with others. Your thirst for knowledge will lead you in new directions. Don't let your mood swings get out of hand, or you may find yourself isolated. Offer to help someone who is not self-sufficient. Don't eat foods that don't agree with your stomach. Take care of any health problems. Financial limitations can be altered if you are disciplined in your spending habits. You may have a problem with an older relative. Try to take care of their needs, but not at the expense of neglecting your own personal responsibilities. Make some time for yourself.


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