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  Company confidential: UI/UX Web Designer

(Washington D.C.)

We are a stealth, funded start-up launching in the D.C. Metro area. We are looking for someone that shares our passion and vision to work as our UX/UI architect.

We are working on solving two problems. First, we don't believe that people should be forced to choose between the fear of being unemployed versus the fear of working a dead-end job. We believe this is the greatest sufferable dichotomy of our modern economy. We believe the current economic plan of getting people back to work does not solve the problems people have with work. And, sending people back to jobs where they feel inadequate, is not the answer to sustainable growth. We believe that passion is paramount to growth - and everyone is passionate about something. As we enter the age of the freelance economy, our localized network is providing people the easiest way to monetize their passions and talents, today.

On the flip side, as consumers we are moving from the age of stuff to the age of experience. We are answering the question for consumers, 'what do you want to do, when you don't know what to do?'

We are a ground-floor funded start-up looking for team member #4 to architect all things front-end. Must have a deep knowledge of latest front-end Web technologies and a deeper passion for the user and user experience design. We want to hear from people who, like us, find fulfillment in working for the social purpose of the business and are on-board to solve real problems. This is priority one. If the problem we are solving struck a chord or lit you up, we would love to talk to you.

General Requirements:-Passion-Earnestness-Honesty-Deep care about users and the user experience-Fearlessness working outside your comfort zone-Love of work as an end in itself; not just a means to an end-Ability to admit when wrong-Patience with others-Impatience with technology

Requirements: -Capable of "great feats of software" -Eagerness to roll-up your sleeves and tackle the elusive, dirty problems -Sound judgment for balancing between idealism and pragmatism 

Desirable: -Deep knowledge of front-end Web technologies -Passion for programming languages, compilers, databases -Experience with functional or declarative programming languages -Interest in both the nitty gritty and big picture -Interest in both coding and leadership -Have built Web apps out of fun and/or frustration.

We are currently in the Bay Area and will be locating the D.C. Metro Area in early 2013. This is a paid temp position with the opportunity for full-time work. Will consider different working engagements with those available on-site taking priority.If interested, please email resume, portfolio site and other relevant info. Thank you.

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