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Features: Pure HTML and CSS. Responsive design. CSS3 Animations. 2 main variations, based on motion of tabs while selection, where each variation has 4 more variations 36 color variations - 6 for body and 6 for tabs. 12 animations. 9 shapes for tabs. Variations based on color, shape and position can be switched to simply by using predefined class names. Detailed documentation. Maximum author support. Classes available for...

Price: USD 4.00

The Record - Responsive Bootstrap Table Design is a professional CSS & HTML Responsive Table compatible with Bootstrap. This is Table comes with Tab and Accordion version and 7 different table layout with 4 color pattern. Record - Responsive Bootstrap Table Design is a flexible and high customization to build your custom Bootstrap Responsive table. you can set up Bootstrap Table any website or...

Price: USD 6.00

WEB LAYOUT GENERATOR is a layout code generator which is designed to deal with web layout problems. It provided more then 40 commonly used layout templates to meet your various layout needs, and more - you can generate your own layout with the flexbox visual designer. Flexbox is flexible boxes layout mode in CSS3, is widely supported by modern browsers, especially mobile phone browsers. Using it is easy to make a grid system...

Price: USD 8.00

This plugin contains progress bar styles. There are many color options. It is very easy to use and i will provide full support for plugin issues.

Price: USD 4.00

Html Entity Icons are common used in daily web development, Why they are so popular, because the following advantages: 1. The use of icons but not the introduction of additional pictures or font files, improve the speed of the page. 2. Html entity icon is widely supported by browsers. 3. Very easy to express in css and html, such as '\266F' in css code and &xxxx in html code. 4. Html...

Price: USD 6.00

The Responsive Checkbox Radio button is ready for Desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Simple to implement. Just copy the HTML and link to the CSS file. No JavaScript required! You can easily edit, change and customize them for yourself. any to help contact me..! Documentation and support Codes are well commented and also we included the documentation to guide you through the code. (But demo site code are compress and different from...

Price: USD 6.00

Pricing tables with responsive web design that only use CSS and HTML. These pricing tables are provided with 5 designs where each design has multiple color themes and use Font Awesome icons. This product includes CSS and HTML, it's not a Wordpress plugin. Now Wordpress version is available Features Responsive web design 5 designs 19 color themes for each design Hover effects Tooltips with text, heading, list ...

Price: USD 5.00

Features: Flat design. Pure CSS3. Animated. Clean code. Maximum author support. FontAwesome Vector Icon used. 2 shape variations, including 14 size variations overall. 14 color variations. Easy to install. Bonus: Dropdowns and toggle buttons included. Credits FontAwesome Vector Icons Google font—Josefin Sans Normalize.css Rate it if you like it!

Price: USD 6.00

Zeus Pricing Table Zeus is a Responsive Bootstrap Pricing Table with 14 Modern and Unique Styles, 15 trend Colors, 3 Ribbon types with 17 Colors, 3 Button types with 6 Hover effects, Tooltip with 17 Colors. It is easy to use and modify. Just use Zeus Generator Build your desired pricing table and copy get HTML codes.It is the easiest way to create Zeus Pricing Table with generator. Features 14 Styles 15 Colors Joined and...

Price: USD 6.00

Bunta.css is a set of pure, responsive CSS popups that you can use in every web project. Features Pure CSS Works On All Major Browsers Flat Design Animated ( CSS3 ) 35 Colors Black & White Bootstrap Colors Flat UI Colors Greenery ( 2017 Color ) And more 5 Styles Uno - Full Screen Dos - With Overlay Tres - Slide Up & Down Cuatro - Corners Cinco -...

Price: USD 6.00


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