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We know all companies have a strong desire to achieve a competitive advantage over others in their industry. Here at 7thSpace, we want to help you achieve this by providing you a unique platform covering business, entertainment, headlines, hobbies, family issues, and much more. If you are looking for an effective and inexpensive way to advertise your product or services to our website visitors, look no further.

Ad Format Price per month Price per 3, 6 or 12 months
Site-wide Featured Listing US$ 40,00 contact us
234x60 Text Ad (site-wide except news) US$ 30,00 contact us
Sponsored Link (per section) US$ 15,00 contact us
Featured Software Listing US$ 10,00 contact us

Pricing is subject to change based on site growth and market rates

Ad Zones
We currently offer four different ad formats, which of course can be combined if required. Our most popular ad-format is our site-wide featured directory listing link, which is displayed on all pages right below the navigation menu. There are 5 site-wide ad-spots available, or 8 in case of special promotions.

Additionally, we offer section-ads which are basically a "Sponsored by Your Company" link within our different web site sections. Example sections include: Business Zone, Entertainment Zone, Family Zone etc. Advertising in our available sections means your link would appear on all pages of your selected section.

Please note that our ads are generally no-follow ads, and do not pass any benefits if it comes to search engine rankings. If we talk about benefits, we mean search engines which count links to rank websites, such as Google. The only exceptions to this no-follow policy would be sites that we are working with closely, and which we want to stand out, and websites of the 7thSpace network. If you are after clicks and traffic, and not after buying links to trick search engines, advertising at 7thSpace makes the most sense to reach an audience.

Ad Zone Categories
+ News & Headlines (no ads available in this section)
+ Community Zone
+ Family Zone
+ Business Zone
+ Entertainment Zone
+ Online Games Zone
+ MP3 & Music Zone
+ Script Directory (part of the Webmaster Zone)
+ Software Directory
+ Shopping Zone USA
+ Shopping Zone UK
+ Webmaster Zone
+ Web Directory
+ Virtual Shopping Mall

The zones mentioned above are seperate sections, even if some sections link to other main sections. Example: Our Business Zone links to the Webmaster Zone, which is a different area. This would mean that advertising in our Business Zone would not show your ads in our Webmaster Zone, as this is a separate zone. Our Community Zone includes our online forums and chat rooms.

Most Popular Site Zones

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