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Businesses which require the highest level of service to reach journalists, end-users and the media use 7thSpace to distribute their headlines and press releases over the 7thSpace newswire. To submit your press release or business news to 7thSpace, fill in the form below. If there are no issues with your press release, your press release will be distributed automatically within 24 hours via 7thSpace and is also sent to international journalists. If there are any issues, we will touch base with you. Press releases may appear on sites like Google News if accepted by their editors.

The cost attached to this service is US$ 29.00 per release.

  Submission Form

News Title
The news title should be a catchy line, describing what your news is about. Keep the title short.

Media Release
Your media release contains the news item itself, a company employee quote and full contact details. The maximum amount of links within a news release is one link per 100 words. Links are converted automatically. We only accept plain text releases and HTML is disabled by default.

Content Restrictions
We cannot accept releases containing content such as gambling, adult material, articles, duplicate releases, offensive releases, replica products or jewelry items.

Company Name

Company URL

Distribution Date
Please enter the distribution date for your release.

Partner Code
If you are a 7thSpace partner, enter your partner code.

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