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it allows you to enter text into a bar and it plays aduio of yoda from star wars

Updated ! (Timer in new position)!The reggelreTalkClock is an customizable talking alarm clock and system scheduler - program starter sidebar gadget for Windows 7 Updated !It will freqently tell the time, if you set it so.

Rmf Maxxx Webradio Player

View live, contemporary art on your desktop by using te MYARTSPACE LIVE GADGET. Art changes every 24 hours.

Really compact news line. Any RSS channel can be used.

Quotations creeping line.

CHRIST ICON lets you have the Byzantine Icon of the Christ (of Mount Sinai) on your Desktop. You can change its size, or even replace it with an icon of your choice. If you click on the Icon, a random chapter of the New Testament opens for you to read.

Play selectable CBC Radio streams from various Canadian time zones and cities. Version 2.1.3 updates all URLs and connects and plays much better. Note: disable proxies in Windows Media Player.

Feel the action as you spiral at top speeds through the everlasting twisting pipes avoiding the head on collisions and obstacles. Only Pipe Riders know how to race in extreme conditions and live to do it all over again!

Turn Off PC is a gadget that lets you set a time to shutdown, restart or lock your PC. Perfect alternative to the shutdown command.Ideal for those who like to watch movies at night, and do not like getting up to turn off the computer.Rate It...!!!

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