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Arianna Huffington is a passionate partisan who doesnt mince words and takes no prisoners in her fight for social justice. Her straightforward, unabashedly liberal commentary speaks the language of average Americans.

View top stories from the social news website

View top stories from the social news website

Displays the top stories on the social news website

Social Network Integration, Social Network Merging,Social Network sharing

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The Hulu Player Widget lets you watch Hulu videos directly from the widget. It also makes it easy to view your queue and track featured, recently added and most popular videos on Hulu from your desktop, personal home page and social networking sites.

A multiplayer social network game. Players create custom avatars to meet or flirt with each other then use them to socialize with each other. Love Lounge is a click and flirt game from Abby Happy Valentines Day

Yovia has created a Music Monday widget to share great music on your Facebook, MySpace, and other social networks.

OneRush is a social network for Adrenaline Enthusiasts. Find Singles Free. Complete access to view forums, blogs, photos and members in every state. Also complete with a general singles web search and your own custom search. Download, Browse and Join Today

Quest of Legends is a multiplayer turn based action adventure game that plays like a traditional offline fantasy board game. With up to four players taking part, Quest of Legends offers a great social experience that can be enjoyed with friends, family or

The best social bookmarking tool. Social bookmarking software to major social bookmarking sites and unlimited sites with scuttlescript support.

See your social network updates: LinkedIn, Plaxo Pulse, Spock, so on.

Xeequa connects independent companies and their teams like social networks connect individuals.* Increase the effectiveness of your business network* Better leverage the connections of your partners and alliances * Measure the value of your network

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