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The Ultimate Explorer allows you to search 50 different websites right from your desktop in a single compact tool. Includes Amazon, eBay, Google, Yahoo, Digg, YouTube, PriceRunner, Weather, Wikipedia, and more! More Info At:

Download the leading-edge in your personal weather experience from®

Download the leading-edge in your personal weather experience from®

Especially for the discerning Vista power user, this gadget packs all the weather data punch of the original Forecast gadget in a sleek, highly compact package.

Shows the Weather of cities all over the World, which have airport.

The All Search allows you to search 10 different search engines = Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Wikipedia, Amazon, Maps, Dictionary, Weather, Bing and News.And also included 16 Colorful skin.

Ask questions like "What is the population of Brazil" or "Fargo, ND Weather" or "What is 23 pounds in kilograms" and instantly get the answer from Windows Live, Live QnA, Wikipedia and MSDN directly in your sidebar.

This gadget displays the nation rain radar and satellite images. It refreshes every 1/2 hour, although the images refresh every hour.

Displays weather radar images published by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

New release of the popular BBC Weather Gadget from DailySnooze. See the BBC weather summary on your desktop!New look, choose your location from cities around the world or local uk towns, display in Celcius or Fahrenheit, and more options.

Fly your plane safely through the mysterious Bermuda Triangle in bad weather and avoiding the UFOs to survive till the end...

Brings data of weather forecast for Croatia into your Windows sidebar

Displays air pressure, temperature and humidity measured by the National Meteorological Administration, as well as the general weather outlook in the chosen city.

Displays the current doppler radar satellite image loop. A clean and simple way to view the current weather. (US)

A small extension to the standard weather gadget, so it can display the current temperature both in Celsius and Fahrenheit scales.

Keep an eye on any webpage you like, by putting a realtime updated snippet of it in your Sidebar. Use it to keep an eye on traffic congestion, or weather updates, or news headlines, or webcams, or any page you choose!

3 Days weather for Faenza (RA), Italy.

Latest weather in Finland

Test your nerve as an Air Traffic Controller coping with mounting pressure and a constantly changing weather situation. When will you crack?

show a single small picture from a configurable url/path which may get updated frequently, like eg. stock trading courses, weather maps or images from webcams

At a glance weather forecast for Ireland. Drag onto your desktop for a larger viewing.

For some reason the default weather gadget only provides a link to open the MSN weather page when it is un-docked.iWeather is a simple change to the default Vista weather gadget. Now when the gadget is docked the city name is a link to the weather web

The weather and digital time - day, month, date (optionally display: seconds and/or 24 hour time) - for multiple locations around the world.03/20/2009: Bug Fixed - a white pixel appears in the top left corner when IE7 is upgraded to IE8.

Slightly modified Microsoft Weather gadget. Allows you to set the unit to degrees Celsius, degrees Farenheit, or kelvin. Check out our website at


Get local weather forecast and severe weather alert information on your Sidebar with The Lucky Soft Weather Channel Sidebar Gadget.

Display the weather from various marine stations in British Columbia with colors (green - light winds, orange - moderate winds and red - strong winds)Version 1.3: Adds selection of North or South Coast stations

Checks ABOM weather stations for current wind conditions. Customisable refresh frequency and weather station

Downloads the Metar/Taf report every 10 mins for a weather station - handy for General Aviation or weather watchers!

RSS feeds with news about the weather for Romanian cities. Gadget with better integration in sidebar than previous version.

Technical weather maps for Europe countries with wind, clouds, rain, temperatures technical maps and hour per hour step

Modified simply weather gadget to display local pollen forecast from

displays current weather conditions from msn weather service includes a 5 day forecast in flyout

Dynamically choose from the search engines available. Gadget will resize according to number of searches selected in Settings. Amazon, Ebay, YouTube, espn,, facebook,,,, wikipedia, and

Search from any search engine from this small and compact gadget. Search google, live, yahoo, ask, altavista, news, maps, images, music, software, weather, youtube, ebay, amazon, dictionary and even wikipedia.

One of the most advance weather gadget on your desktop with 5 days forecast.

Modified the microsoft weather gadget. Click to open or cloase the undocked mode as flyout. Also revised to start the forecast from today instead of tomorrow and extend the forecast to five days.

The general headlines from a chosen agency of 25+ agencies (TV, paper and science) from all over the world are presented along with the date, the weather for a chosen city, the general stocks-markets and the sunrise/sunset.

NEW! Geosynchronous weather images for Astronomical Observers or for people intrested in Cloud and Water Vapor images for determination of the weather that is headed in your direction.

NEW! Geosynchronous weather images for Astronomical Observers or for people intrested in Cloud and Water Vapor images for determination of the weather that is headed in your direction.

National Weather Service Looping Radar with Bing Maps.

Snow reports and weather for New Zealand mountains

Surf reports and weather for New Zealand beaches

Provides information from personal weather stations that upload their data to Weather Underground.Black arrow shows direction the wind is coming from.Yellow warning sign indicates a weather advisory.Currently only works in USA by zip code.

This gadget shows the latest weather report from the Phoenix Landing Site.

View amazing photos taken by WeatherBug users. Enjoy scenic views, animals, flowers and more. Photos change daily! You can even submit your own photos that may be featured in PhotoBug and in other WeatherBug products.

Detailed current weather, detailed forecast weather, weather icons, wind and barometer dials, moon phases, severe weather alerts, persistent settings by user, error logging by user, interchangeable settings, location search, local radar, world map locater.

View the current temperature and weather radar from 12 locations around Queensland Australia.Undock for full resolution, choose your location from the options, add multiple gadgets to watch the entire state!

A Gadget to monitor the fickle Singapore weather to see where it is raining, cloudy and where it is sunny.

This gadget will show rain and weather in Singapore

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