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Oakflat PWR Nuclear Power Plant Simulator

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The Oakflat PWR Nuclear Power Plant Simulator is a 32-bit program designed for Microsoft Windows XP (sp2 or higher) / Vista / Windows 7 that simulates a pressurized light-water nuclear power plant. The user controls the settings for the control rods, primary and secondary coolant pumps, damage control teams, and emergency actions to maximize the amount of electricity generated and profits earned. And be sure not to meltdown the core and cause a catastrophe in the process. The simulator can also be operated in a variety of automatic modes with the computer setting the controls based on the reactor output. The user can gradually take over control of the plant as they learn how to handle the controls on their own. There is even a Target Output control that works like an accelerator pedal, allowing the user to concentrate on the larger picture of running the plant and letting the computer moderate the atomic reaction in the reactor core. Oakflat was designed to be enjoyed as game and not as real scientific device. It was built using actual nuclear physics formulas, power plant designs, and nuclear reactor user manuals, mostly available from NRC and the internet. Features Include: * Simulates a 1.5 GWe pressurized light-water nuclear reactor and adjoining power plant. * Control the reactor and the plant using the keyboard and/or the mouse. * Interfacing with an intuitive and colorful interface that is easy to learn and use. * Users can enter settings such as control rod settings, coolant pump rates, damage control, reactor scrams, and more. * Users can allow the computer to control the simulator or they can input control values using a variety of methods. * Refueling places spent fuel rods in wet storage for cooling before moving them to long term storage in storage casks. * A Results screen gives the users feedback in both financial numbers and time/days to evaluate their performance. * The simulator can operate at 3 speeds and can be paused at any point to prevent the user from being overwhelmed. * A log file keeps a detailed summary of all the events of the simulation for later review. * Audio feedback with predefined alarm sounds or speech mode with the simulator speech. * Free upgrades to registered users for the life of the product ... No upgrade fees ever!

Price: $17.00 USD Category: Simulations Added: Jan 23rd 2015 Publisher: Gamtech Software Homepage: http://www.gamtech.com

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