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SamLogic MultiMailer 2011 / Standard
With SamLogic MultiMailer you can send personalized e-mails/newsletters to your contacts. E-mails created with MultiMailer can be in the impressive HTML format and contain pictures and sound, but sending plain text messages is also possible.

EmailOpenViewPro Corporate License
Corp License - Pro Email File Viewer Extractor Printer and Converter. * View RFC-822 email files * Command Line Open * Right Click and view messages * Double Click to view email * Attachment Extraction and Save * Print .eml - Text or HTML versions * Convert .eml to PDF * Convert .eml to Image ( PNG, BMP, GIF, JPEG, WMF, TIFF, EMF, EXIF)

HTML Email Newsletter Templates
The code is easily edited so you can customise the colours or the layout as much as you like and create even more options for yourself to use. We have paid special attention to typography and layout with these templates so that the email will almost always be viewed as intended with only slight variations in a few of the multiple email programs available. We have purposely left out images ...

Smart Mail
With SmartMail you can send and receive your emails in real time as easy and quick as from your PC. It allows you to use more than one account simultaneously from any email service supporting IMAP or POP3, including the most popular like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL and Corporate Servers, without having to own a smartphone, as Smart Mail works on any java enabled phone! What are the ...

Winmail Viewer - 5 Users
Open winmail.dat and ATT0001.dat by Winmail Viewer. Quickly & Easily!

Winmail Viewer - Single User
Open winmail.dat and ATT0001.dat by Winmail Viewer. Quickly & Easily!

Winmail Viewer - 10 Users
Open winmail.dat and ATT0001.dat by Winmail Viewer. Quickly & Easily!

Winmail Viewer - 3 Users
Open winmail.dat and ATT0001.dat by Winmail Viewer. Quickly & Easily!

Winmail Viewer - 50 Users
Open winmail.dat and ATT0001.dat by Winmail Viewer. Quickly & Easily!

BBmailer & BBmail Spider
The product is a Bulk Email Send software,and produced by on group of elites,who work at professional mail server development and Anti-trash Email rules.Meanwhile,which functions contain Email Marketing and Email Status Track,The most excellences of the software are:

First: Mail track statistic.It is very clear at a glance of how many times the mail had been read,and how many ...

123 Hidden Sender 1 Month Membership Discount
123 Hidden Sender sends absolute ANONYMOUS bulk emails. You won't lose your ISP service. It is trouble free! Your IP address will not be shown in the email headers! All you do is input your message, subject, and email addresses, and then 123 Hidden Sender does all the rest. No relays to deal with anymore. No need for expensive bulk ISPs. Port 25 is not a problem. 123 Hidden Sender supports ...

123 Bulk Email Direct Sender Discount
123 Bulk Email Direct Sender is a professional high speed bulk email direct sender program. It is an ideal for newsletters, targeted marketing, and keeping in touch with clients. Because this mailer sends out mails in MX mode and works like a mail server, you don't need unreliable blind relays anymore. As a multi-threaded application, 123 Bulk Email Direct Sender's normal sending speed can up to ...

Followup Mailer Autoresponder
FollowupMailer is an automated system that instantly emails information to your customers and prospects. It is an auto-responder that checks the contents of your incoming emails to determine how to reply to it. In addition, it can automatically followup with them over the coming days, weeks, and months. You can send one or more messages at preset time intervals. For instance you can create 10 ...

EDM Email Sender
EDM Email Sender is a desktop application designed to send bulk emails directly to your customers or client. It does not depend on the SMTP servers or accounts, while delivery the email message to the destination directly from your local computer. With EDM Email Sender, you can fully customize your messages and precisely target your recipients. This is the way of saving money for your ...

Super Email Spider. Discount
Super Email Spider is a fast and reliable way to build targeted email lists using the web. Simply put in keywords and the spider brings you hundreds of addresses from websites found by the search engine. Super Email Spider saves your email address lists in a text file. And you can import these addresses to your bulk email sender software to send mass emails. Besides spidering email addresses, ...

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