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Jewel Shooter
Survive the treasure chambers of Anubis' Pyramid! Shoot jewels in order to clear the treasure that is being pushed down by the mighty Egyptian deity's giant hand. Gather these riches and escape in one piece!

Old MacDonald Had A Farm
In Old MacDonald Had a Farm you have to help your grandfather ru his farm during the school holidays. Hard work and you'll get dirty but at least it beats summer school... Grow crops, sell your produce to the market and beat all of the challenges farmers nowadays face on a daily basis!

Sushi Bar Express
In Sushi Bar Express you have to start a career as a Sushi chef and absorb all of the wise teachings of your master. He'll teach you how to slice, dice, roll and hammer sushi and serve it to customers as a delicious restaurant quality dish. Your customers are ordering different types of sushi and you need to keep upgrading your equipment and recipes in order to make a healthy profit before the ...

Xing Chess
The ultimate 3D Chess game! Play against a friend or the computer. Up to master level (2500 ELO) you'll find a challenge but you can also play Xing Chess if you're new to the game and just want to learn.

Pizza Deliciozo
Open your own Pizza restaurant and bake the best Pizza pies ever! Match 3 or more ingredients together to complete the different orders and make sure your customers leave happy and not hungry... Different cities, recipes and customer types make this a challenge for players of all ages. Don't forget to upgrade your salad bar and coffee maker in time to rake in those extra profits you need. Family ...

Caroline's Garden
Help Caroline save her father's gardening business. You are the son of a famous gardener and you have to help Caroline make a profit and win the flower festival.

Super Prize Egg
Retailers, supermarkets, stores, malls, trade shows, parties and games are a perfect place to use a prize egg. With the fun environment it brings to the event, it is a sure way to keep the atmosphere fun and exciting. You can add up to 100 eggs with different color and size to the project, you can add up to 100 prizes with different picture to the project, the prize picture will show from small ...

Super Prize Wheel
Retailers, supermarkets, stores, malls, trade shows, parties and games are a perfect place to use a prize wheel. With the fun environment it brings to the event, it is a sure way to keep the atmosphere fun and exciting. You can design your own prize wheel with different colors, sectors, rings, circle, texts and pictures. There are 2 programs in Super Prize Wheel: Wheel Editor and Wheel Player. ...

"Egyptoid" is a perfect blend of classic Arcanoid with the magic of Egypt. Traveling through 72 never-the-same levels, your objective will be to destroy various patterns of blocks by bouncing the ball. In doing this, you must keep an eye out for bonuses that can speed up or down the paddle, give an extra life, extend the paddle or make it magnetic. Featuring 8 spectacular worlds, 17 types ...

Get ready for the galaxy mission! Hard times fell upon the galaxy and you are the only one to save it. The problem is that you have only one space tank to destroy the attacks of space shooters. The planets wait for you to save them!

The Flying Dutchman - in the ghost prison
For ages sea voyages have threatened of dangers. The sea always has its tribute from vanished ships making all the traces of wrecks inaccessible in its depths. But sailors still believe in their last chance for salvation. The legend says that if you underwent a shipwreck with no hopes for reprieve, you must jingle coins. And then you will behold the Flying Dutchman ? the Ghost Ship. Its crew ...

Astro Adventure Game Starter Kit
This project file is a complete 10 level 2d shooter that can be turned into an iPad/Mac/PC or iPhone game. Cut down on weeks of development time with this easy to use game pack. To make a game, you need to download the free GameSalad development system, load the project and then make your game.

Zombie Barnyard Animal Rescue Starter Kit
In the crazy world of Zombies, a mad local professor and his even more insanely twitchy wife have become zombie animal activists and have gone on a rampage and released all of the animals from the Zombie barnyard. These bewildered creatures have been scattered across Zombie Ville and it?s your job as the farmer?s only son to go out into this crazy world and retrieve those lost creatures. ...

Flip Screen Shooter Starter Kit
he Flip Screen Starter Kit is an ideal introduction to this type of shooter genre. The kit gives you an example of an active introduction home screen, and scrollable level select screen and 2 playable action levels. The kit is designed for iPad/Android and has on screen joysticks. The left joystick is for player control, the right is for shooting the lasers. You can collect laser, missile ...

jk-ware Theater
jk-ware Theater is a playful PC testing app containing three games, Blocker Plains, Color LIFE Sound and Perpetuum mobile, that can be run simultaneously to evaluate PC performance. Each game can be re-sized to display at the full screen resolution, or they can be arranged in a side-by-side format or in other overlapping or stacked formats. The selected arrangement can be saved to the later ...

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