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Stayfocused Pro For 1 User

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For many people, time is the enemy, we race against time to complete tasks and meet deadlines. So Stayfocused is you choice, A simple task time-tracking tool keeps track of the time that you've spent on each of tasks and helps you complete each of them on-time. The idea of Stayfocused is based on The Pomodoro Technique. The root of the idea is that you work for 25 minutes straight and then break for 5 minutes. What can Stayfocused Pro do? -- Manage Task: Create / Edit / Delete / Starred your task. -- Redo Task: Redo task needed on any-time you want. -- Break Reminder: Show Message for having a break after did work for 25 minutes. -- Launch Applications: Choose any applications needed to complete your task. -- Open Sites: Open any websites needed to complete your current task. -- Open Docs: Open any pertinent documents in their default applications. -- Hide Windows: Hide the windows that are unnecessary to your tasks. -- Hide Icons: Hide desktop icons to help you increase productivity. -- Set Wallpaper: Set a nice wallpaper to help you eliminate distractions. -- View Report: View the report that shows how you have spent your time. -- Set Timer: Set timer for x minutes you need to complete your task. -- Play Sounds: Add a sound alert to remind you that time is up. -- More Who does Stayfocused work for? --WRITERS: Motivate yourself to write. Keep track of how long you're spending brainstorming / writing / revising. Reduce back and neck pain by walking around during Pomodoro breaks. --LAWYERS: Kill multitasking urges in the office. Get reports finished on time. --DEVELOPERS: Immerse yourself in programming, confining emailing to one or two Pomodoros a day. Break large, demanding tasks into shorter steps. Separate time they spend developing and refactoring. Reduce amount of bad code. --STUDENTS: Write papers. Track assignments.

Price: $39.99 USD Category: Calendars & Planners Added: Jan 24th 2015 Publisher: Bytesignals Homepage: http://www.bytesignals.com

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