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Waffles Substitute cornstarch for part of the flour. Moist steam causes the average flour-based waffle to soften as it cools. Add cornstarch to the mix, however, and you increase the waffle's ability to hold moisture. As a cornstarch-enhanced waffle cools, moisture does not escape as quickly as if ...


Woods for Grilling MESQUITE: This wood produces a sweet smoke that gives a great flavor to grilled meats. When grilling with mesquite, be sure to use aged wood because the green wood is too oily. Do not use this wood for lengthy smoking or barbecuing of meats. Instead, use hickory or pecan wood. ...



Yeast Following these guidelines can help ensure the desired results when using dry active yeast. Start with fresh yeast. It has a very short life span. Buy small amounts and always check the expiration date before using. If you refrigerate yeast, always allow it to return to room temperature ...


Yeast Dough Dissolve one package of dry yeast into 1/4 cup of water that is slightly cool to the touch, about 85 degrees F. Yeast is killed at temperatures of more than 105 degrees F, so while cool water may slow proofing time, it will avoid killing the yeast. Add one teaspoon of sugar to feed the ...



Yuca This root vegetable is never eaten raw. Select firm roots that are odorless, hard and free of cracks and soft, slimy, or moldy spots. Since it spoils rather quickly, keep at room temperature for no longer than 3 days. It can be peeled and frozen for longer storage. If you cut off a portion of ...


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