Hong Kong: Return2hk booking to open 24 hours

The Government announced today that the Return2hk Scheme's online booking system will be open all day and night from January 14 to facilitate applications for available quotas by members of the public anytime.

The round-the-clock arrangement for the scheme is made having regard to the booking and immigration clearance situation since its implementation.

Once the new arrangement is in place, people can apply for quotas for the period between January 14 and 24. Thereafter, the system will make available the quotas for the seven-day period of the following week for booking every Wednesday.

The Government reminded residents who return to Hong Kong under the scheme to fulfil all the specified conditions to gain exemption from the 14-day compulsory quarantine, including not having been to places other than Hong Kong, Guangdong or Macau in the past 14 days.

The returnees should transmit their valid negative nucleic acid test result to the Department of Health's electronic health declaration system through the "Yuekang Code" or "Macao health code" and fill in other required information to obtain the "Green" QR code within 24 hours before setting off for Hong Kong.

The Return2hk Scheme's online booking system will be suspended for about 30 minutes from midnight on January 14 for a system upgrade.

Click here for details or call 3142 2330 for enquiries.

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