Hong Kong: 41k subsidy applications vetted

The Food & Environmental Hygiene Department today said it has completed vetting of a total of about 41,010 applications for the subsidy schemes under Anti-epidemic Fund (AEF) 5.0 and 6.0 and that around $4.976 billion has been disbursed so far.

The Government launched the Catering Business Subsidy Scheme, the Food Courts Subsidy Scheme, the Commercial Bathhouse Licence Holder Subsidy Scheme and the Places of Public Entertainment Licence Holder Subsidy Scheme under the fifth and sixth round of the AEF, and the Dishware Washing Trade Subsidy Scheme under the sixth round.

The department received about 20,920 applications and about 20,150 applications for the subsidy schemes under AED 5.0 and AEF 6.0.

It has completed vetting of a total of about 41,010 applications, with around $4.976 billion in subsidies disbursed, accounting for 99.9% of the total amount of subsidies.

The department said the remaining cases that have yet to be completed are mainly related to the re-issue of licences or pending supplementary information or documentary proof to be provided by the applicants.

These applicants should follow up on the relevant matters or submit the required documents as soon as possible so as to complete all the procedures.

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